Meet Ghislaine Nnaji

Serene Baby Sleep Consulting, LLC

Owner & Founder

Ghislaine continues to showcase her expertise in pediatric sleep training. She knows first-hand the frustration, the exhaustion and the overwhelm of sleepless nights.

For over a decade, she has helped countless babies to sleep through the night as well as their parents to enjoy restful nights, rekindle and save their marriages, become more productive at their work, babies began thriving and catching up on their age appropriate milestones, and many more.

She does it all through her dedication, her keen to quickly assessing baby’s sleep issues, and her results-driven attitude to ensure that every family that she works with gets the gift of a serene sleep that they so much need and deserve.

Along with her passion to help families and a rewarding career of seeing real change in babies sleep habits and the overall baby’s health, she’s equipped with extensive training from the world renowned “The Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting (TM)”

Ghislaine is a wife, a mother to two energetic and well-rested babies and an avid supporter of healthy eating.

A native of Rwanda, Ghislaine now lives with her husband and their two children in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Ghislaine speaks English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili