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Healthy baby sleep tips and advice to help solve your baby’s sleep troubles Effective sleep coaching strategies & ways to make the process less overwhelming Interviews with other baby sleep experts, parents’ journeys, and stories from sleep training.

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A Serene Baby Sleep Podcast all about baby sleep habits, issues and solutions. Interviews and parents stories.

The Mirroring Effect

Ever done something and noticed that your baby has been doing the same thing? Learn how you can use this mimicking behavior to help your baby easily adjust to healthier sleep habits.

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Reasons Why Sleep Training Did Not Work

Discover why sleep training did not work for you and find out common reasons that can hinder you from seeing successful results during your sleep training.

Learn more about Ghislaine’s baby sleep coaching strategies and advice at www.serenesleepconsulting.com or find her on Facebook at @SereneBabySleep

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How Do You Know It’s Time To Sleep Train Your Child

Learn tips that will show you when your baby needs help to sleep better and the information to help you figure out if you yourself need to shift how you view your baby’s sleep habits.

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Sleep Props

Learn about sleep props and why depending on them may be affecting your baby’s sleep .

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My Story

Learn more about Ghislaine and her journey towards helping first-time moms to find effective and healthy sleep solutions for their babies.

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